Mini Gas Cylinder Stove – 2

Progress on the mini stove prototype. A flue with top plate has been added, along with a baffle in the fire box to retain some heat and fumes for combustion and to redirect the remainder up the flue.

mini gas cylinder stove

flue and top plate

Most of the smoke seems to go up the flue. Should be better once a door is made.

mini gas cylinder stove

smoke up the flue

And the baffle works well to retain the flames and direct the rest up the flue.

mini gas cylinder stove

baffle in fire box retains flames, and directs excess up the flue

The door latch has been made, just waiting on a hinge design and production now. I think some more air intakes in the base will help things too. Airflow will be less once the door is installed.

More to come.


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