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Chopper Bicycle – on the road!

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

It came together a bit quicker than expected. Once the frame was configured it was time for some paint. Black seemed cool.

chopper bicycle

painted, assembled and ready to test!

I also painted the wheel rims with a quick coat or two of aluminium coloured paint. The handle bars, stem and seat post got a similar treatment.

Fitting the bearings and putting everything back in place only took an hour or two and things were looking good. A quick test ride with an over capacity load (me!) proved that the offset seat post was not up to the job, it broke!

Some quick welding on of triangulation pieces fixed things up. Once the real rider was testing the bike it was back to normal seat post in any case. We’ll keep the offset version for the next bike.

chopper bicycle

ready to ride

Testing was conducted on the road out the front and it was clear that Ethan now had the coolest ride in the street!

chopper bicycle

cool ride dude!

The final thing to add was the 50c dress pieces for the redundant bottom bracket shell.

chopper bicycle

50c dress up pieces

More riding fun to come…