The next gas bottle stove

June 22nd, 2013

It’s been ages since my last post, so time for something new.

I’ve had a plan for another gas bottle stove for several years now, but little time to get it started.


gas bottle stove

Sketch plans for the new gas bottle stove

Getting the valve out of the gas bottle in order to purge the last of the gas out before cutting into it has proven to be a challenge. I’ve now got the right tools to get the job done.

gas bottle stove

Tools to remove the valve from the gas bottle. The old mower blade stops the bottle turning when pressure is applied to the wrench lever.


gas bottle stove

These valves are in tight! A long lever is needed, and something to stop the bottle turning as pressure is applied.

So first hurdle covered. Now on to the fun stuff, cutting and welding.


gas bottle stove

Fill the bottle with water to purge any remaining gas before drilling or cutting.


Whilst working on this small project, the truck brake drums were tested out too.

brake drum stove

Brake drums in trial set-up for yet another stove!


They’ll make a great stove themselves if the trial set-up is anything to go by.
More soon, I hope!


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