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Yard update – chainsaw, recycled sleepers, resource centre, firewood pile, eggs and pots.

Sunday, September 9th, 2012

Time for some updating of activities around the place.

The new Chainsaw has allowed for extra firewood preparation, and the re-working of a garden bed using re-cycled sleepers. A bit of fun making the joints for the sleeper corners!

firewood pile

Chainsaw means more wood!

Chain saw and jointed sleeper walls

New chainsaw and jointed re-cycled sleeper walls

The re-cycling “Resource centre” is looking like it needs a bit of tidy up already, not long after making the stock rack for wood and steel lengths.

Recycled material

“Resource Centre”

The chooks are still doing their bit with a good daily supply of eggs, and the spring potting is going ahead in the mosaic covered terracotta pots.

Fresh eggs

Daily supply of fresh eggs

Mosaic pots

Mosaic pots getting spring treatment


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