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Welding – a beginning!

Monday, January 30th, 2012

Christmas this year saw a new welder arrive. A MIG 100 Gasless machine. Gift vouchers for the local hardware shop also meant I could fit myself out with an auto darkening helmet and nice big gloves!

Mig 100 Gasless Welder

Welder and accessories

After some trial and error, and some reading of website tutorials, my welding is still pretty ordinary, but I’m beginning to get the idea of what I’m doing wrong.

The thin sheet I used for the top of the welding table warped a bit, despite tacking it down at various intervals. I was pretty happy with the frame I made up though. It sits over the top of the vice work bench and can be removed if required.

Welding Table

Wonky table top!

My first real project was a pair of brackets to hold tubes on the roof rack of the Kombi. These will carry tarp poles and other long stuff for camping and general use.

Welding table top

Bracket for roof rack tubes

I’m quite happy with the end on welds and especially pleased to have discovered “Anti Spatter” spray. It stops all the little spatter balls from sticking to the job, making clean up really easy.

Weld close up

Happy with this for an early attempt

The welding table now has a bracket to hold tools and a curved holder for the welding head. (what is it’s proper name?)

Fun ahead with many welding projects coming to the fore. Garden arbor to keep Sheryl happy, gas bottle stove, chopper bikes for Ethan… and me! I’m also planning a forge made from a truck brake drum, much welding to be done there.

More later…