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Brake Drum Wood Burner

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

The salvaged truck brake drums have now been assembled into a wood burner. Following a few successful tests, I decided it was worth making a lid and flue to suit as well.

Brake Drum stove

flue on!

Rather than fix everything together into one 100kg+ monster, I have left it as a number of pieces which can be dis-assembled for moving or transporting. Everything is still heavy enough to just stay in place however.

Brake Drum stove

Lid is from a BBQ plate

The lid has a fixed portion for the flue, and a pivoting piece for cooking, closing the fire down, and opening to allow wood to be added to the fire. There’s room for a large camp oven too.

Brake Drum stove

hinged to allow wood to be added to fire

Brake Drum stove

Cooking surface is big enough for the large camp oven

To help with air flow, spacers have been made to give either a 6mm or 12 mm slot between the two drums. A heavy grate sits at the bottom of the middle drum to hold the fire.

Brake Drum stove

6mm or 12mm clearance spacers give air flow to fire box

The flue extension is held with a slit collar of the same material, while the top is a happy fit from a scrounged piece.

We’ll test fire tomorrow, and burn off the paint on the flue, which I may paint black? I’ll leave the rest rusty, ’cause it looks good, and will get that way in any case!


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