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Gas bottle wood stove

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

I’ve been so busy working on this project that I haven’t really taken progress photos, or made any posts to show how I’ve made it. Hopefully these pics will give some idea.

Gas bottle wood stove

burning the paint off

Once much of the construction was done, it was time to burn off the paint, ready for coating in Pot Belly black. The chimney has yet to be fitted, so the top is off. This helped me to decide to make a removable top, rather than weld the cover on. It’s fun for just using as a campfire, and for toasting marshmallows!

gas bottle wood stove

painted in "pot belly black"

The chimney has a short extension with chinamans hat, fitted by an oversize sleeve. All painted in stove black.

gas bottle wood stove

ready for the first full run

Once painted the first full fire was set up. Previous tests had shown a need for some vents in the front door, which were drilled prior to painting. All the materials for this stove are scrounged or scrap. The only parts which cost money were the fry pan lid and the grate. Each were from the local tip shop and cost a dollar or two each. The grate is actually a BBQ grill, cut to shape with the angle grinder. I picked up several quite thick and heavy ones for a few dollars.

gas bottle wood stove

ready to cook alongside big brother pizza oven!

The removable top should become a functional cook-top, so I decide to test it with a damper in the camp oven. Little newcomer would now compete with its big brother, the 44 gallon pizza oven! The gas bottle stove’s stand was an impulse design which has worked out really well. Simple to make, effective and it even fits upside down over the top for storage and transport.

gas bottle wood stove

split timber ready for a solid testing

I split a few blocks up ready for the test fire. Turned out I only needed about half the pile to heat up the stove, cook the damper and polish off a few cold ones!

gas bottle wood stove

awesome burning once going!

The stove seems to be a bit harder to light than the bigger 44 gallon pizza oven. It’s flue is smaller, and doesn’t have the draft flow from the lower ash pan like the bigger oven. But once it’s up and running, it’s a strong burner.

gas bottle wood stove

careful shutting it down too quick, it will balance out and burn more cleanly with care.

To get it to burn well with the door shut takes a bit of patience. Fully closing the door when the firebox is raging just results in a big smoky mess! But a slower, staged closing allows the fire to balance with the air flow.

gas bottle wood stove

yummy damper from the first test cooking!

The resultant damper was a pleasing result. Bit burnt on the bottom, but good inside and on the top.

I’ve had a great time building this stove. My welding is still pretty dodgy, but it’s getting better, and I have ideas for improvements on this stove, and designs for others to come.

Stay tuned for more wood burner fun. I’m taking this one camping this weekend, so it should be fun!